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September was the month of Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Weight Stigma Awareness.  As we think about our bodies it is often in deprecating ways  loaded with body hate and a deep desire to be different than we are.  We telescope our vision down to each bit of our bodies that we deem as wrong or bad.

So I was thinking, hmmm… what if we used negative self talk  to prompt Body Watch thoughts and behaviors?

I am famous for saying “Use something you are already doing to prompt  something you want to add to your life.” How can we use this idea with Body Watch behaviors and what are they?

Body Watch is noticing  your  body and giving it a  TLC  and  respect.  The way you might watch out for body of a child in your life or a neighbor who is incapacitated.  This might include everything from watching what foods feel good in your belly to making an appointment for your annual exam this year or finally getting the massage you have been dreaming about for a long while.  Oftentimes, we make sure everybody else gets to their appointments, eats healthy, nourishing food or gets out for a walk on a rainy day, but we forget to watch out for us.

So imagine using your telescope to watch for  the things that work for your body. Your telescope can  help you with  Body Watch by noticing what  activities  are pleasurable, what  tasks need to get on your  to do list which  support your body in health and what food  makes your mouth and stomach sing.

Be on the lookout for what works for you and supports your self care. What will your telescope focus on today?

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  1. Kari says:

    I used to hate exercise but I noticed that every time I went out the door and found myself in the middle of the beautiful farm land it just put me at peace. I slowly got into a better mood and became more positive and clear headed.
    This has done wonders for my body and mind so far and I stopped looking at it as a chore I had to do and look forward to it more as a good thing to do for my body. I started a little mantra for myself saying, this isn’t punishment, this is a reward!

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