The Binge Eating Diaries: Self-Care Prepping For a Solo Turkey Day

Having a Solo Thanksgiving MealThere’s a really good chance that I’m going to be sitting home on my butt all alone during peak Thanksgiving hours this year. Bummer, right? My partner works swing shift and the rest of my family members either live out of town or are heading out of town.

Are you in the same boat as I am? Well, at least we’ve got company on the way to Thanksgiving Day! Keep paddling through this blog with me, my friends!

Now, in trying to find a positive side to this – I’ve been reassuring myself that at least I won’t be tempted by copious amounts of food and tortured as I watch other people eat it so happily and effortlessly!

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But there is a catch… loneliness can be a b*tch. In fact, it has a track record of leading me down a slippery “emotionally overeating” slope to make up for the fact that I’m all by myself.

The good news is – I’m thinking about it, talking about it, and writing about it in plenty of advance so that I can prepare with self-care!

Self-Care Preparations for A Solo Thanksgiving

  • Make or purchase a non-triggering meal that you love. (As much as I adore pasta, I know that it’s not the best idea for me to eat it solo on a holiday as I ward off loneliness.)
  • Rent or download a movie you’ve been dying to see – or one that always puts you in a good mood. (Or treat yourself to a new book!)
  • Treat yourself to some ambiance. (Light a candle, hang some fall-themed lights around your living room, spritz pumpkin scented spray up and down the hallway, pull out the special occasion blankets AND the decorative pillows.)
  • Have a few self-care activities (And a few extra, emergency ones just in case.)
  • Write a gratitude letter or journal entry to remind yourself of all the things you do (Even though this year you happen to be alone on Thanksgiving.)
  • Call up the relatives or friends you couldn’t see because of distance. (Spread some warm and fuzzies through the phone!)

Did You Turn Down An Invitation?

If you turned down an invitation, like I have done SO many times in my life due to physical discomfort, my perceived reflection, inability to find the perfect “feel good” outfit, or nervousness about eating in front of others – I completely get it.

But this is a wonderful time of year and if you do have somewhere you could go, I encourage you (for what it’s worth) to open up your email or pick up your cell and reconsider changing your reply.

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I wish I could go back in time and say, “Yes” to so many missed moments. I can’t change that now, but I can change anything from this moment forward, and so can you, my friend.

Happy “Almost-Thanksgiving”.

Let’s start by giving ourselves some thanks, in the form of self-care prepping, shall we?

Until next time,


P.S. Do you have any Thanksgiving strategies in your toolbox? Please feel welcomed to share in the comments section below.

P.P.S. Looking for a little extra help? Click here and scroll to the bottom of this post to print out your B.E.D. Support Card to keep with you this Thanksgiving.




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