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Although I’d consider myself a “power user” of PC’s and a “go-to” person for answers among friends and co-workers, I did not grow up with computers…I remember being in college, having to go to the library, check out a machine AND the software (your 5.25" "floppy" went into drive “B:” and the program software (WordStar!) would go into “A:” in other words – no hard drive!  You couldn’t do a whole lot with this set up, but honestly, how often do we need all that other stuff that Word does now, except to crash the operating system all the time.

From these beginnings, I’m easily amazed at technology, computers, the internet and how people continue to find different ways to communicate, (without actually seeing or speaking to anyone). is the new jaw dropper for me – can’t believe that such a thing exists and how it’s taken off – now Google is purchasing Youtube (for a billion and change).

So right here with a click of the mouse are some amazing videos that deal with women and body image – watching them is amazing, reading the comments by other viewers can be enlightening as well as shocking (perhaps stupefying is a better word), but thinking about the big picture of you, your body, this thing we call the internet and human communication can really make your head spin! Perspective, please!

Please enjoy:

Dove Evolution – if you watch just one, you HAVE to watch this one!

Body Image and Self-Esteem

I’m More

What You See

Although certainly not x-rated, I found these quite provocative. is a bit additive – please share the videos that you find with the rest of us here.

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