Renewing My Mindful Eating Action Plan


Back home from the bubble. I don’t like it out here!

I want to go back into the Green Mountain womb where all I have to do is concentrate on me – my health, happiness and well-being; where all I have to decide is which class I want to attend, which subject I want to explore and which exercise I want to experience. And for meals, all I have to do is sit down and enjoy!

The place should be called Green Mountain “at heaven”.

No, it’s harder out here in the real world.

I’ve got a different take on this return home, though. It’s not that my environment has changed or that my routines or responsibilities have changed, it’s that, this time, I know where I didn’t make it last year and I plan to take stock and do a better job.

I feel that my return to Green Mountain was a not just a refresher in content but also a refresher of spirit. In other words, I’m ready for post-bubble!

Renewing My Mindful Eating Action PlanHere’s my plan:

Each day starts with me, usually bleary-eyed, opening the back door to let my dog outside to do her business. I’ve placed my labyrinth stone just outside the door so that I see it first thing each morning and I mentally set an intention for my day.

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Like I said in my last blog, a little woo woo but it seems to bring my self-awareness to the front before the coffee and the to-do list consume my thoughts.

Get back to using the 9-inch plates. It really does make a visual difference and thereby, I think, helps to better assess hunger while eating. I had stopped using them for dinner because I’m an anal whacko and it drove me nuts that they didn’t match my beautiful dishes.

I know, get over it. I am.

Go back to 5 breaths meditations, mindful eating and re-assessment of hunger during the meal.


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Mindfulness While Eating

Again, much backsliding in this area because my husband inhales once and doesn’t exhale until the plate is clean. He also has no nerve endings in his tongue and can eat food steaming hot so, together with his Hoover style of eating, I’m lost in the dust before he can say “What’s wrong? You’re not eating?”

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Yes, I’m eating, just not the way you do, husband. I need to get back to my program and not let husband-pressure (which is really self-pressure, let’s be honest) de-rail me.

Food prep is a must.

I’m guilty of eating what I call “loose food”. That is anything that I can eat without prep and can be consumed without need of heat or even a plate.

You know – pretzels, potato chips, nuts, cheese and crackers, cookies, candy, fruit, cereal, etc.

Now some of those are healthier than others for a snack but many of them are danger foods for me – ones that I start eating and can’t stop until my hand is a greasy mess and the bag is empty.

Solution? Have “loose foods” available that are a healthier choice. I make beet and parsnip chips, baked Brussels sprouts (the key is to burn them!), lots of fruit and nuts.   Loose food redefined!

This Year Will Be Different

These are some of the areas where I have slacked off over the past year. My resolve is renewed and determined to do better going forward.

I also resolve to maintain some of the good habits that I was successful in gaining – daily exercise, cutting back on alcohol, strength training at least twice a week, and (this was the hardest) eating three meals a day. I never ate breakfast before Green Mountain and now find that it is the mindful living template that sets me into motion for the day.

Oh, and one last thing that I will be doing: saving up for a visit back to Green Mountain next fall!


2 responses to “Renewing My Mindful Eating Action Plan”

  1. lisa says:

    Was at GM the week after you & noticed your name on email list. Beth happy you share your experiences.
    My check in was to celebrate my successes over the past year and catch myself because I felt like I was spiraling. I left with so much more.
    I still need more structure to each day. I will build an actual time in my week to grocery shop. Monday is my day – I need a list for necessities, think about it – it rarely changes.
    To incorporate more tools to cultivate and exercise mindfulness – Shiri gave me a few ideas I never considered.
    Work on self compassion – Kari pointed out my wordage still exhibits harsh tones towards self. Be kind to self, like I would be to a small child.
    Thank you all and can’t wait for my next check in.

  2. Brooke says:

    Such a timely post, I can hardly stand it! I am unable to come back to GM, (otherwise known as heaven on earth to me), for the long weekend at the end of the year for financial reasons. I have been feeling sorry for myself and this reminds me to refocus my attention to the good. I will pick up my binders and do a refresh of my own over that weekend and be there in spirit. I will dust off the stretching exercise poster I have in my house and pick up the foot and move it forward one more time. Great post and we can do this!

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