big book on relaxation I was in a bookstore and came across “The Big Book of Relaxation: Simple Techniques to Control the Excess Stress in Your Life, edited by Larry Blumenfield.

Editor Blumenfeld has gathered some of the biggest names in alternative healing to discuss how to unwind and detoxify our souls and bodies. John Harvey provides a good basic chapter on meditation. Lilias Folan, of videotape fame, gives instruction on yogic relaxation. Shakti Gawain provides information on creative visualization. Feminist musician Kay Gardner gives hints on how music can soothe the savage nerves. There are other chapters on mind machines, on aromatherapy, and even on nutrition for relaxation.

This “big” book is certainly a good start, but it occurs to me that creating your own self care book, or “tip” jar, might even be more valuable. Become in tune with what makes you relaxed, happy and fulfilled, write a note to yourself to actually do those things when stress levels have you so uptight that you can’t think. Just open your personal relax book or relax tip jar and make the time to do it.

Have a pleasant weekend one and all, you might even start to build your personal relaxation tips.

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