Reflections on a Stay at Green Mountain


The women who come to Green Mountain at Fox Run are amazing. Talent abounds, whether it be the ability to take stunning photographs, paint a moving scene, run a board meeting, nurture a child, or support each other as many discover their inner truths and start their journey to better self-care.

The following poem showcases the talent of Lori B. Hall, who recently spent a few weeks at Green Mountain. We love how it reflects her inner strength, her determination to find her way, and the joy she found in the other women she met here.

mountain tree reflectionsMountain Reflections

Reflections of my life swirl like the fallen leaves.

The sunshine that cradled my day is slowly setting, leaving me

with thoughts of lessons learned.

I look out to where the mountains meet the sky.

The peaks reach for the clouds,

struggling to break free from earthy bonds and ideas set in stone.

Timeless breezes whisper secrets from long ago.

I listen and embrace the past… the healing begins.

My sisters are the sun and moon.

They open their hearts and warm my soul,

they illuminate my path when there is darkness.

Like the mountains, I reach for new heights

even as storms fight to erode my progress.

But like them, I am strong and will remain standing.

As the sun slips away, the silence of night brings peace,

and my reflections settle into dreams.

The journey has begun.

For my Green Mountain Sisters

Lori B. Hall
Annapolis, MD

One response to “Reflections on a Stay at Green Mountain”

  1. Julie Bishop says:

    Lori, this is beautiful!! What an amazing tribute to your talent that Green Mountain Inn chose your poem to highlight their program. I’m so proud of you; it’s easy to see where Morgan gets his talent.
    I love you so much. If there is only one thing I learned from Carole’s passing it’s that we have no guarantees in this life; we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We all need to live each day to the fullest and tell those we love how much they mean to us every day. We need to be so thankful for the special people in our lives and let them know we love them. That’s what I’m doing now: you are a very special person and I’m blessed to have you in my life. I love you so very much. You’ve touched people’s lives in ways you’ll never know.
    Bless you for being the amazing woman you are!!

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