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Today’s post is by Darla Breckenridge, MEd, our psychologist-masters at Green Mountain.  Darla joined us last winter and has been a wonderful addition to our staff.  We’re hoping she’ll become a wonderful addition to our blog, too.  Meaning that we hope she finds the time to contribute regularly because we KNOW her posts will be wonderful.

Respect BannerI am learning that the power of the women’s healthy weight loss program at Green Mountain at Fox Run is its impact on staff as well as participants.  I feel enriched each time I enter the space at Green Mountain.  I drive from Essex in upstate New York to the nurturing space of Green Mountain every week.  The drive is beautiful and I expand on my classes (Understanding Emotions That Lead to Eating, Overcoming Binge Eating, Morning Meditation, and the Stress Management series) in the car on the way down.  I have found that this creative process helps me stop unconscious eating in the car and turn my focus toward new ideas I can use in class.

While driving not that long ago, I was listening to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, and I thought, “This is what we are working towards for ourselves — self respect  as we move towards being women of balance.”  So that day in class I played Respect, and many of us sang along, activating a part of ourselves that may have experienced joy in singing at an earlier time in our lives. And perhaps connecting with that part of ourselves that so easily gives respect to others but can have a harder time being gentle and respectful with ourselves.

My time so far at Green Mountain has been short, three months or so.  I did work at Green Mountain many years ago teaching stress management. The circle just keeps turning.  I look forward to many more classes and individual sessions as I am rejuvenated by the Green Mountain philosophy personally and walk on the path of the  other thousands of women who use their experience at Green Mountain to work on balance, self respect and healthy choices in their lives.

How can you add self-respect to your daily life?

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