40 Reasons to Stop Dieting Before You Start

Today’s blog post is part of our top-40 series to mark Green Mountain’s 40th anniversary.

International NO DIET Day

Stop dieting to succeed at weight loss

Yesterday was International NO DIET day, and I read some astonishingly heartfelt pieces about why people don’t diet or have stopped dieting.

Among them – Tiffany of More Cabaret – on not dieting as an ode to her father who fought his size his entire life.

Or the transformation of Mara Glatzel from someone who would do almost anything to be thin to a woman who proudly embraced her curves and began loving herself completely.

“I remember falling in love with someone who loves me exactly the way I am, thick or thin, and I remember how it felt to be loved so completely.”  ~Mara Glatzel

At Green Mountain, many of us have our own stories, too, but collectively we wanted to share with you 40 reasons we think you should stop dieting now.


Stop Dieting for Healthy Weight Loss

Some of the reasons are based on our own experiences with dieting, but much of what we share is what we’ve learned after working with women for 40 years (since 1973) to help them reach their healthy weights. All the blood, sweat and tears we’ve witnessed of women trying  to mold themselves into society-approved body sizes, only for the weight to find them again and for them to lose their confidence and self acceptance in the process.

Please read our list of 40 Reasons to Stop Dieting Now.  Then share with us your own reasons. After all, this isn’t a list that stops at 40. It’s just a start.

Our Healthy Weight Loss Program

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