Reader Question: How Do I Stay Focused on My Goal?


This post marks the beginning of a new feature on A Weight Lifted that we hope you’ll be excited about.  We’re inviting questions from readers which various staff members of our healthy weight loss program will answer.

As a quick review, our focus at Green Mountain is on normal eating, trying to help women stop dieting and begin to live healthfully so that they are no longer trapped in the up and down cycle of weight worries.  There’s a lot involved with that — big issues ranging from chaotic eating due to busy lifestyles or the diet mentality to emotional eating, exercise resistance, stress management, body image, self esteem and more.

If you have a question you’d like answered, please email us at info @ (spaces removed).  Put “Blog Question” in the subject line.  We can’t promise to answer all your questions but we’ll try our best!

Our first question comes from Sara from See Sara Shrink! where she blogs about “the adventures of the ‘Incredible Shrinking Sara’ as she drops 100 pounds….”

Sara asks: “What do I need to say to myself when I’m wanting to make a bad food choice (like eating when I’m not hungry)?  How can I focus on my ultimate goal and not just meet an immediate emotional need with food?
First, thanks to Sara for clarifying that what she means by “bad food choice” is a behavior, not a food.  By not categorizing individual foods as  good or bad, we can better discover what foods really are the best choices for us.  If we think we can’t have them (the kind of thinking  good food/bad food sets up), we often get caught in wanting them purely out of feelings of deprivation, an insidious form of emotional eating.

But enough from me.  Here’s what the fabulous Teri Hugo Hirss, expressive movement and health psychology expert at Green Mountain, has to say:

“Take a couple of deep breaths. Ask yourself, “Is this truly what I’m needing right now? What am I really needing in this moment? Is there a better option for meeting my need that allows me to stay in alignment with my goals?”

A simple answer to what can be a very strong pull.  What Teri is saying is to take the time to look closely at what we need.  Will food meet that need?  Surprisingly, sometimes the answer is yes.  That’s important to realize because healthy normal eating isn’t about perfect eating (whatever that is).  If we emotionally eat a lot, however, it’s probably not the best solution.

Hope that helps, Sara.  Let us know below!

Do you have any words of wisdom to add?  And if you’ve got any questions of your own that we can help you with, please send them on!

4 responses to “Reader Question: How Do I Stay Focused on My Goal?”

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  2. Sometimes it is hard. It just is. But taking the time before putting food in your mouth to ask those questions Teri mentioned can help. I also think keeping reminders of the ultimate goal visible, like post-it notes with reminders of a reason why you want to lose the weight, can be helpful. When you are forced to look at both the reminder and the food you might eat, the visual reminder can take your mind back to that goal which can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment.
    .-= Mary :: A Merry Life’s last blog post..Pumpkin Carving, Memory Lane and Candy =-.

  3. Emotional eating is the biggest downfall of most overweight people. i find myself eating more everytime i am feeling like there is no way out of my current finance situtation, or my wife and i are not getting along or my job is stressing me out. i have found out that a few things help me out of this. 1. always look at the good things in your life, look at what you have not what you want to have. get a little help with your cravings for food, all natural diet plans such as acai berry has helped me both mentally and physically. taste great so i don’t feel like i am dieting but giving myself a flavored drink like punch. 2. trying to exercise at least 10 minutes in the morning which helps get your body motor running, believe it or not your body is like a furnace. you need to put a few logs on the fire in the morning to get the fire (fat burning) going and eat high protein low fat meats along with natural carbs every 3 hours to help the fat burning process. 3. When things are looking down find all the good things in your life like pictures of your children, your pets, family vacations or anything else that was fun or that you love. As far as dieting, it always helps to have a fat burning helper that is all natural to curb your appetite. I have found my help. visit my site to get your help.

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