Raven-Symone’s New CD Addresses Body Image and Hollywood


Former “That’s So Raven” star Raven-Symone hopes her new CD will make people notice that’s she’s all grown up.

Coming of age in the entertainment industry is no easy task, as the former child star knows. Because Raven-Symone doesn’t conform to the Hollywood size 0-2 stereotype, the entertainment media has been critical of her weight.

In a personal song entitled “Hollywood Life,” Raven-Symone addresses the pitfalls of becoming famous, including the enormous pressure to lose weight.

“There are so many girls who are trying to be famous, and trying to conform to a style or body type,” Raven-Symone said. “But they are fine just the way they are. This is a something that a lot of people need to hear.”

Lyrics from the song illustrate the struggle of young would-be starlets in the town of glitz and glamour:

She’s been here for a year
Her body losing weight now
Never called back home
She’s embarassed to go
She don’t eat, she don’t sleep
All she’s hearing is no

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, except in Hollywood: It’s whoever says what is beautiful,” she claimed. “So everyone follows. For me, I’m fine with how I am. I’m not trying to be a certain size.”

Hmmm, sounds like Raven-Symone is a lot more mature than most of the peeps in Hollywood.

2 responses to “Raven-Symone’s New CD Addresses Body Image and Hollywood”

  1. Zayna says:

    It takes a lot of confidence to stand up to the Hollywood beauty machine. Good for her!

  2. MizFit says:

    THANK YOU for sharing this as Id missed it entirely—off to read more about it.

    I always liked her.


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