Put Yourself First this Holiday Season with the Me Movement


To say the holidays are stressful for some of us is, well, an understatement.  Too much to do compounded by worries about eating and weight can spell disaster for healthy lifestyles.  On this Monday that marks the first full week of the holiday season, it can be helpful to spend some time thinking about how we’re going to enjoy this busy time and come out the other end feeling good.

Enter the ‘Me Movement.’  It’s a different kind of challenge than the one we see all too often on television these days.  It’s about putting ourselves first.  Because as we all know, if we take care of ourselves first, we’re much better at taking care of others — which is what the holidays are often about.

Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, is the creator of this #mefirst challenge.  She visited us this summer at Green Mountain to learn about our approach to taking care of ourselves, and has been using a lot of our blog posts and recipes on the Me Movement blog.  I was also the guest expert the night before Thanksgiving for a Twitter chat on mindful eating.  We’re thrilled to be able to contribute to this effort, which we hope will be the start of a new holiday tradition for those of who struggle with self care during the holidays.  And that putting ourselves first will spill over into the new year, so that we make a habit of taking care of ourselves first in order to accomplish what we want in life.

Over the years, we’ve written plenty about taking care of ourselves over the holidays and encourage you to read through our FitBriefings to learn more about healthy eating, emotional eating, fitness, stress management and more, all of which are topics that resonate pretty loudly this time of year.

But first, stop by the Me Movement and take the “me” pledge.  As Rebecca says, “Studies show that people are most likely to reach a goal if they have a plan that works for them. This simple pledge was created to provide you with an easy way to commit to positive self care through the hectic holiday season.”

Then go out there and make it a good one!  Happy holidays, everyone!  And if you’ve got some time between now and December 18, join us for our Holiday Helpings program, to help you not just survive the holidays but to thrive during them!

What will you do to make sure your wellness needs are met this holiday season?

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