Identification Of Protein That Produces ‘Good’ Fat, Has Potential To Treat, Prevent Obesity


Researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center say that a protein known as a helper for bone growth can also help develop brown fat, a “good” fat that helps in the expenditure of energy and fighting obesity.

“Obesity …impacts the risk and prognosis of many diseases,” said Yu-Hua Tseng, Ph.D. an Assistant Investigator in the Joslin Section on Obesity and Hormone Action and lead author of the paper published in Nature.

Obesity, one of the major risk factors for type 2 diabetes, is also linked to the metabolic syndrome, heart attacks and stroke. Tseng and her colleagues have now identified a bone-inducing protein called BMP-7 which helps trigger the formation and function of mature brown fat cells.

“Brown fat cells largely disappear by adulthood in humans, but their precursors still remain in the body,” Tseng explained.

Scientists hope that improved knowledge of fat development will lead to new or therapeutic approaches to fight obesity. The current recommended approach for type 2 diabetes prevention includes a healthy weight loss program or diabetes prevention program.  However, for people genetically predisposed to obesity, results can be often more difficult to achieve than the general population.

2 responses to “Identification Of Protein That Produces ‘Good’ Fat, Has Potential To Treat, Prevent Obesity”

  1. Jeremy Ward says:

    Good fat? I never thought I’d hear of such a term! It is great to hear of advances in the fight against fat though and I hope I hear more about this story in the near future!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a type 1 diabetic and love to hear about new findings centered around diabetes. I find it hard to believe that so many of us have diabetes and we still haven’t “announced” the cure. I believe it’s something simple that many people/most people do/ingest/breathe/have or don’t have(hormone) etc…that causes diabetes. It won’t be long when this challenge is gone for good. The cure is out there.

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