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Up to now, we hadn’t heard how American fashion groups (New York and Los Angeles),  were going to handle the too skinny to model controversy. As I reported in two prior posts other countries have chosen to take fairly aggressive steps in controlling who can participate in their fashion shows and have even gone further by dictating acceptable standards for high fashion models.

Last week The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), (one of several fashion-industry groups from around the world to encourage models to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits), came out with their recommendations. Some other groups have put out weight limits, though the New York group stops short of that. Here are the recommendations made by them:

– Keep models under 16 off the runway and don’t allow models under 18 to work at fittings or photo shoots past midnight.

-Educate those in the industry to identify the early warning signs of eating disorders.

-Require models identified as having an eating disorder to receive professional help and only allow those models to continue with approval from that professional.

-Develop workshops on the causes and effects of eating disorders, and raise awareness of the effects of smoking and tobacco-related disease.

-During fashion shows, provide healthy meals and snacks, while prohibiting smoking and alcohol.

Is it enough? No mention of body mass index, and how will these recommendations be enforced? Recommendations are not requirements. Although, there is no argument that this is a least a step in the right direction, it feels to me much more like a group trying to head off criticism rather than one that really wants to change the current climate.

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  1. melanie says:

    I think that shows like Project Runway need to have models that are healthy and not too skinny. Young women really idolize people in the spotlight and it’s important to make sure we can offer positive role models for them in regards to body image.

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