Back-to-School Lessons: Preventing Chaotic Eating


How studying leads to chaotic eating If you haven’t noticed, school is back in session! Whether you are a brand new college student, a mother and “manager” of your own students, or you’re perhaps taking evening classes as you pursue a second degree, getting back in the school mindset and in a routine can take some time. While you adjust to the chaos, however, you can take steps to prevent chaotic eating.

Is this a scenario you can relate to? Often, when 7 pm rolls around, you realize you haven’t eaten since you had lunch at 11 am because you’ve been on the go all day between classes, studying, etc. You’re now starving and the easiest and most available food is the unopened box of cheese crackers on top of your mini fridge. You reach for a few, but in just a short time, the box is empty.

If this sounds like you, you’re probably a chaotic eater. Chaotic eating is often marked by skipped meals, waiting too long between meals or not having enough balance in your food choices. All of these things are easy to do when you’re on a busy schedule and don’t have an eating strategy. Unfortunately, all of these behaviors also can lead to overeating and weight gain in the long run.

Our dietitians at Green Mountain have come up with some easy tips to follow to keep some structure to your eating, give your body the fuel it needs, and keep your metabolism on track.

Check out our cheat sheet to find out how you can prevent chaotic eating. Then, share these tips with the busy women in your life.

What’s your tip for keeping chaotic eating in check?

2 responses to “Back-to-School Lessons: Preventing Chaotic Eating”

  1. Amy says:

    For me, the trick is keeping something healthy on hand all the time. I have a long car trip tomorrow, and I’m putting oranges and bananas into a bag to take with; that’s while I’ll eat on rest breaks instead of driving through a fast-food place. You can’t prevent disruptions to your schedule but you can provide better options for yourself when that happens.

  2. For me, consistent grocery shopping once a week, has really helped me stock my home full of food that feels good in my body.

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