The Center for Mindful Eating: False Promises and New Possibilities

Dana Notte, Nutrition Lead at Green Mountain at Fox Run, explains to The Center for Mindful Eating why dieting and weight loss programs don’t work, why we keep trying them, and what we can do instead.

All About Binge Eating Recovery: “Waiting to Lose Weight?”

Shiri Macri, Clinical Director for the Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating, was featured on in an April 15, 2017 “All About Binge Eating Recovery: A Weigh Out’s Featured TeleSeminars”. In this episode, Shiri discusses #BeHerNow and the true consequences of delaying life until you lose weight.

No More Compulsive Exercise on “Life. Unrestricted.”

Anne Poirier, Green Mountain’s Program Director, discusses exercise obsession and dieting on Merit Boxler’s podcast “Life. Unrestricted.” Anne shares how a forced break from exercise was her first step toward true healing, and how she has discovered a life beyond fitness, weight, and dieting.

Forget Body Positivity: How About Body Neutrality?

Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Body Neutrality workshop is discussed in an article in NYMag’s The Cut. Program Director Anne Poirier explains the challenge of loving your body after being dissatisfied for so many years, and finding peace in the middle ground of body neutrality.

In Search of Healthy Eating

In Mindful Eating – Conscious Living, Marsha Hudnall discusses how eating mindfully helps her identify what her body truly wants and needs – not what the latest fad diet instructs.