Hit Refresh: Love Your Body

Instead of shaming and blaming your body in 2017, how about a little body kindness to truly transform your health?

Interpreting Holiday Eating Advice with a Mindful Eye

It wouldn’t be December without the songs, sparkly decorations, and yes, advice about what to eat during the holidays. Much of which you might want to ignore if you’re trying to become a mindful eater. Or if you are already one and want to stay that way. So how do we interpret holiday eating advice?

Expert Interview Series: Dana Notte of fitwoman.com About Healthier Living Without Repressive Dieting

Cilantro The Cooks Shop sat down with Dana Notte, registered dietitian and the Nutrition Lead, to discuss embracing a more desirable attitude toward food, eating, and weight loss, and also reviewed some tips on improving overall health without resorting to restrictive diets.

Treating Eating Disorders: The Role of Mindful Eating

Mindfulness describes the practice of being aware in the present moment, without judgment. And when mindfulness is applied to eating, the resulting practice is called mindful eating. Who wouldn’t benefit from such a practice? In particular, mindful eating can benefit those individuals who are being treated for eating disorders.

Eating Christmas Cookies: Mindfulness Tips for Women Who Struggle with Weight

The holidays are upon us, along with the cookies, the holiday buffet, the bowl/box of candy on the desk. Now it’s up to us to decide – do we want some or not? With someone who is concerned about her weight, the decision takes much more time.