Practicing Gratitude on Thanksgiving and Beyond!

112515_600x600Happy (almost) Thanksgiving to our U.S. friends!

November is classically a month focused on giving thanks for what we have in our lives, leading up to the big day and big feast of Thanksgiving. And here at Green Mountain, we’re continuing that tradition – the whole month we’ve focused on gratitude here on the blog and across social media.

But we didn’t just choose to focus on gratitude because of the tradition.

You might have heard of the research showing gratitude not only makes our Thanksgiving meals taste more delicious, but can actually greatly benefit our health, happiness, and satisfaction with life when practiced regularly.

Finding Gratitude in Your Daily Life

Now, what does “practiced regularly” mean for gratitude – and how do we do it? Earlier this month, our Behavior Lead Carolyn Whitney, PhD wrote about keeping a gratitude journal.

Alternatively, around the table at Brené Brown’s house, members of her family share something they’re grateful for – daily. And at the time of this interview about it, her kids were pretty young and weren’t exactly finding profound reasons to be grateful, so don’t even think about making that a barrier in starting your gratitude practice!

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After looking into the benefits and practice of gratitude – not to mention finding quotes to inspire others on Instagram – I realized I was curious about what the rest of my team was grateful for, and thought what better time than Thanksgiving to ask?

It turns out – a lot of things; some simple, some profound, and some… kind of changed the way I think about my life (at least for the moment). It sounds heavy – I know – but is actually pretty awesome.

Check out the video below to see what I mean!

What’s Our Team Grateful For?

Having trouble viewing the video? Watch it here!

We have an amazing team here at Green Mountain, and after seeing these little nuggets of gratitude, I feel even luckier to work with such an amazing group of people.

I’m grateful for them, the work we do together, and the people like you we get to meet and help in the line of our work. … And my cat – I’m (usually) grateful for him, too!

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So what do you say? Whether it’s keeping a gratitude journal, saying just one tidbit each day(ish) to your loved ones, or sending thoughts of loving-kindness to the world, we invite you to begin – or continue – a practice of gratitude.

Maybe start with a comment below?

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