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The plus-sized clothing company Igigi contacted us recently and asked if we’d consider reviewing their clothing. So we called upon our friend Megan Loughmiller. A recent grad starting a new job, she needed to to find stylish yet practical clothing to add to her professional wardrobe. The company sent her one item of her choice from, which carries sizes 12-32, and asked her to give her opinion. While clothing styles are a very individual choice and we can’t say everyone will like these, we certainly agree with their mission: “Everybody is beautiful just the way they are.” Finding the right plus-sized clothing can be crucial to maintaining women’s self-esteem. Here is Megan’s experience with Igigi and the colorful Alana jacket:

When it comes down to it, most plus-sized clothing companies operate with the same motto: make “normal” sized clothes for “normal” sized women and then use garbage bag-shaped pieces of fabric labeled 1x, 2x, 3x and beyond for the “rest of us.” As frustrating as this is, relief has arrived! Finally, someone who gets it! Igigi is breaking the mold.

To begin, my browsing experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Not only was I able to view all of the clothing on full-figured women, but was able to watch a short video of them modeling many of the pieces. It is refreshing to not see traditional-sized models in smaller versions of the clothes for sale. The shape and style of the clothing are figure-flattering, made with a full-figured woman in mind. The clothing is also modern and definitely appropriate for the working woman’s wardrobe. I would say that some pieces may be slightly unsuitable for some of the more conservative work environments, but everyone is sure to find at least a few items that would fit beautifully into their wardrobe.

The price, while reasonable, is definitely not inexpensive. Given the quality of the garment, including the fabric, fit, and sturdiness, I am more than willing to pay the $72 price tag. The fit is also dead-on. After ordering the size according to my measurements, the top fit like a glove. My suggestion: if you are unsure, err on the side of getting one size bigger. The website has a Shape Calculator that is very helpful. Once you calculate your shape, you can browse through their collection according to pieces that will fit and flatter your particular shape.

The only real downside that I found to Igigi is its lack of selection. From such a great clothing company, I can only ask them for more! Overall, I would give Igigi a big fat YES and recommend it to all of my friends. Igigi understands that just because we’re not a size 4 doesn’t mean we don’t want to be sleek and stylish.

What are some of your favorite places to shop? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Gina says:

    I actually shop at a nearby second hand clothing store! I am a student still, therefore I have zero extra money 9most of the time). This second hand clothing store is amazing, as they are picky when they choose their clothes and they have so many clothes! They get clothes from places like Gap, Banana Republic, Limited, Bebe, etc. And the prices and amazing. Really, you can’t beat it!

  2. Sagan says:

    Great review! Everyone should be able to wear nice looking clothes that they feel comfortable in.

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  3. Hanlie says:

    That is a very nice jacket! I agree that plus size clothing can be a trial. Often it’s like they just make normal sized clothing bigger, but plus size women have higher needs than that. We need to hide some things and accentuate others. I really struggle to find stuff that fit – something is always just wrong – often the sleeves are too tight. Fortunately I have a seamstress mom, so most of my clothes are made to fit, which has been a great help!

  4. Tabeez says:

    Those sound pretty. Yea I think they would look good on me! 🙂

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