Phat Girlz


Phat Girlz is a new movie starring Mo’Nique. Since Vermont is a step behind in latest releases, I’ve just read reviews of this film, which have made me anxious to see it. Although some reviewers can’t figure out what’s going on in the movie due to their non-experience with real women’s bodies and minds, I’m sure that it speaks to all women that have to remind themselves occasionally that there is no such thing as a “perfect body.”

Mo’Nique is the actress that previously brought us a beauty pagent for women of substance – F.A.T Chance (F.A.T. = Fabulous and Thick). In Phat Girlz, “Jazmine” (Mo’Nique’s character) is a well adjusted, self-accepting woman of size working on her career. She finds she has to confront some unexpected issues – the issues that lurk beneath and jump up when least appreciated.

Even if this movie was the worst on earth, I’m still excited to see a story about plus-sized woman that isn’t depressed and planning her next diet. And there’s another bonus – there’s no “fat suit” to be seen in this flick.

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