Personal Training in A Weight Loss Spa Setting

It’s one thing to change your relationship to food and fitness in the secluded, structured setting of Green Mountain. It’s another thing to incorporate those changes into your daily life at home.

Permanent change and long lasting success come gradually and are most easily arrived at by working specific behaviors into your daily life on a routine basis–like eating breakfast when you didn’t before or walking every morning for half an hour, rain or shine, no matter what. Just these two changes can have a major impact on your body, and perhaps more importantly, on your mind and sense of well-being.

We think one of the best presents you can give yourself after a visit to Green Mountain is several months of regular workouts with a personal trainer. After all, if you thought enough of yourself to take the time and spend the money to come to Green Mountain, you are certainly worth a relatively small additional investment.

Making the most of your investment requires that you have a qualified trainer – look for credentials from organizations such as American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AAFA). Look, too, for a trainer who provides an emotionally safe atmosphere, who is sensitive to women’s issues regarding body size, and who will guide you in performing at a level that is right for you depending on your current state of fitness and goals.

If you already belong to a gym or health club, it may be relatively easy to find a qualified personal trainer. Or you can ask for referrals from a local health club, friends, or even the yellow pages of the phonebook and arrange for sessions either at home or in facilities arranged by the trainer.

There are a million reasons (I can’t afford it, I don’t have time, I should be able to do it myself) but, in reality, few good excuses for not taking advantage of what can be a wonderful, self liberating tool for permanent lifestyle change. Here are just a few of the benefits you can realize.

Personal Trainers Provide Structure

The fact that you have made a regular appointment which costs you money will decrease your drop-out and self-sabotage potential. It’s easy to go back on a commitment made only to yourself because you forgot, have a business meeting, need to do a favor for a friend, are too tired or just plain overslept. It’s harder to face a paid professional with these excuses– and more expensive, too, as most trainers will make you pay for missed appointments. What’s more, keeping the appointment on a regular basis does wonders for self esteem. And watching your fitness and strength gradually increase is tremendously empowering.

Personal Trainers Help Maximize Your Efforts

Especially if you are new to weight training, the machines at your gym or health club can be mystifying. Though most facilities provide several introductory instruction sessions, often these are not enough to ensure that you really know how to use the machines to your best physical advantage. Your personal trainer will not only show you step by step, over and over, how to use the equipment so that it becomes second nature to you, but will make sure you are using the right muscle groups and doing the workout properly. In addition, a good personal trainer can help you target the areas you want to work on and provide the right combination of machines and hand weights and the right combination of cardiovascular activity and weight-bearing exercise for you.

Personal Trainers Produce Results

Showing up regularly for at least three months, even once a week (but preferably two or three times a week), will give you a concrete yardstick to measure your progress against. You’ll SEE the increased number of reps and greater weight resistance as it happens because somebody else is there keeping written records of your progress. It is important to have clear goals for your efforts, such as building strength, improving posture, decreasing body fat, or just staying fit, flexible and healthy. Clear goals will help keep you focused and moving steadily in the direction you desire.

Be aware of an undue focus on body weight and measurement, however. Remember to be absolutely clear whether a focus on these measurements distracts you or supports you in achieving your goals.

Feeling the difference and seeing measurable changes to your body does take time — at least three months — so you need to commit to at least 90 days as a trial period. After that you can decide whether to continue or not. Perhaps you will find that once you are in the groove and know how to do your own workout, you can do it yourself. But chances are that the great muscle tone, increased strength and stamina and the boost to your self esteem given by personal training sessions is a gift you will want to continue giving to your new best friend –YOU!

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