Overwhelming Fear and Fat Feelings


Fear, often described as anxiety, can sweep in and overtake us. Yikes! It is such a big feeling and leads us to focusing on feeling fat and how our bodies should be different and how our lives would if different “if only I would stop bingeing.”

How to step from fear to possibility? I received this quote the other day and it seems to speak to this issue.

All you have is right now. This is a gift, which is why it’s called the present.

This spoke to me as a mindful tool which can help us move from feeling overwhelmed when focusing on body hate, and self doubt. I wonder if weight and money are the two things about which people obsess the most.

Obsessing or ruminating only fans the fires of anxiety, no matter what you are worrying about.




5 Tips to Use Right Now as a Gift to the Present

  • Think of the moment as if you are receiving a gift
  • Use the fear-focus as a reminder that the present is just underneath the pain
  • Decide to check in with your one of your senses: I like smell because sometimes if makes me grimace or laugh
  • Use a few deep breaths to manage the feeling flood
  • Use the statement All you have is right now. This is a gift, which is why it’s called the present as an affirmation when the anxiety is occurring

Shift Your Focus Away From Weight

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When we keep focusing on weight loss we think that will help us lose weight. And for most of us that doesn’t work.  However, when we focus on the present we can decrease the obsessing and the fear, one small moment at a time.

Which of the 5 tips for “present” opening can you use today?

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