Overcoming Exercise Obstacles


woman walking and getting fitToday’s a perfect day to post on this subject. We have a torrent of icy rain covering the snow that has been rained on previously, then followed by cold weather, so much so that it’s now a nice pile of ice from which I can step onto my roof without much trouble.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to Spring around these parts! Also needless to say, my motivation to step outside for a refreshing walk (or to add to my daily steps) isn’t too high at the moment.

Still, I’ll probably make it to the elliptical at some point today, just because it will help me feel better. After 30 years of pretty regular exercise, I’m very clear that I feel better after I do it, even though I may not want to do it some days. The title of this post has to do with overcoming some of those motivation killers when it comes to physical activity.

In this case, however, I want to talk about fears about exercise — fears that people are watching us — and laughing; fears that we’re so out of shape we can’t keep up in class or when out on a walk with friends; fears that we’ll injure ourselves. These are frequent fears that we hear at our women’s weight loss retreat Green Mountain at Fox Run, from the women who come to us for help in overcoming exercise obstacles like this.

We address them regularly, but recently posted a new FitBriefing on our site that addresses these specific fears. Read this article “Overcoming Exercise Fears: Yes, You Can!” for tips that will help you get past these issues, and get on with taking good care of yourself.

And in the coming wonderful outdoors months of summer in North America, you just might find yourself donning those sneakers and getting outside to enjoy. Or if you’re facing winter in coming months in another part of the world, consider all the wonderful sports of winter that we’ve grown just a bit tired of at this point!

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