Our New Year’s Resolution for Healthy Living and Healthy Weight


Make it a Best New Year!

For our New Year’s resolution, notice we said ‘best’ instead of ‘happy.’ To us, best exemplifies our philosophy for successful living…making the best of each opportunity rather than striving for unattainable perfection.

“Learning how to look for the best in each situation is what makes and keeps women successful in managing their stress, life, and health and weight.”

Think about the pursuit of a healthy weight – if you view it as an impossible, painful struggle, well, it probably will be. But if you can change your mind, thinking of the pursuit of health as a worthwhile effort, you’ve already won.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help make each year your personal best year, to help you take the time/find the way to explore the moments of your life for the best. When you’ve got a moment to reflect, look them over, and see what feels right to add to your life.

A New Take on New Year’s Resolutions

  • Make time for you. Whether it’s meditation or just doing something that soothes and gives you pleasure, shoot for half an hour in the morning and evening. For help in starting to meditate, read Green Mountain’s FitBriefing “Mindfulness Through Meditation.”
  • Be mindful. Each day a myriad of thoughts pass through our minds. When negative thoughts intrude, note them for what they are, become the observer and let them pass by without clinging to them. Learn how to actively “let it go” – read our FitBriefing “Stopping the Negative Self-Talk” and “Lose the Dead Weight.”
  • Be patient. Learn to respond instead of react. Does blowing your horn in traffic help? What can you do instead to really help yourself? Automatic reactions often happen when we’re presented with situations we’ve encountered in the past; work on not taking it personally.
  • Think before you act. It often seems easy just to “give in” to what we think our body or mind want. The answer isn’t in willpower, but in giving yourself the time to really understand what you want. Take time to think – an attitude of mindfulness can be an invaluable tool when a “craving” starts to arise.
  • Eat intuitively. Instead of following the latest diet advice, make a small commitment to yourself to eat balanced meals on solid schedule. Tune into how that makes you feel. You’ll be surprised that patience, moderation and kindness can follow on the heels of a balanced (not extreme or perfect) way of eating.
  • Speak rightly. Being honest about choices in your life will help you make better food choices because there are no feelings of frustration or dishonesty to keep stuffed down. When someone decides to ‘help’ you by saying, “Wouldn’t you rather have a head of lettuce than that sandwich,” an honest reply of ‘no’ will save lots of calories later…really! Read more about coping with people at home.
  • Be generous…to yourself. Would you speak to someone the way you speak to yourself? Do you have the same thoughts about someone else that is going through a difficult time that you have about yourself in a similar situation? Would you treat anyone other than yourself with indifference? Read more about weight loss expectations.
  • Persevere. Remember, life is a journey, not a destination. Each day gives us another opportunity to continue the journey to ourselves.

Our New Year’s resolution for healthy living and healthy weights: Green Mountain at Fox Run wishes you a best New Year for you!

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