Body Neutrality: Our Approach to Body Acceptance


Body Neutrality- Our Approach to Body Acceptance

Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run, we understand that the idea of “loving” your body can feel foreign, phony, and seemingly impossible. In addition, our culture supports women fixating on what’s “wrong” with our appearance, and provides and endless supply of diets, creams and straightening irons to fix all those “problems.”

The problem is, the more we engage in negative self-talk and self-hate, the worse we feel and the more we eat to cope. Negative body image, fat talk, and self-loathing are often intricately intertwined with binge and emotional eating.

On your journey toward well-being, it’s essential to remove yourself from the cycle of body loathing.

Our Program Promotes “Body NeutralitySM” to End the Cycle of Body Loathing

Halfway between hate and love is a rarely-visited destination – Body NeutralitySM. Not to be confused with body positivity or body acceptance, it’s a way of thinking that helps us to step away from negative self-talk to a place of, at least, neutral.

Body NeutralitySM acknowledges “what is,” rather than longing for “what isn’t.” And it can be a place to start when body positivity feels like too much of a reach.

Our unique approach to body acceptance through Body NeutralitySM is a game changer, and a core component of our healthy weight and well-being program for women who struggle with weight.

Our workshops and classes on Body NeutralitySM include topics such as: unhooking from negative self-talk, managing expectations, and understanding the cultural messages that shape our thoughts. We help women jump-start their journey toward Body NeutralitySM and – maybe eventually – body love.

“For the first time that I can remember, I am not obsessed with food and I feel good about my body and my being. It is a gift and a treasure that I appreciate every day.”

– M.D., Wayland, MA

Contact our program advisors for more information about how our program can help you on your journey toward healthy weight and well-being.

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