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When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge?  How about the freezer?  What’s hiding in the back of your pantry and is it still within the expiration date?  I spent time this weekend organizing my kitchen.  With only 2 people in the house, where food was being thrown put in cabinets and the freezer was getting a little disorganized.  I can only imagine how those of you with large families deal with this.  Now that everything is organized by food group in my freezer and I was inspired to cook with many ingredients I stumbled on, I have a much better feeling when I look through my kitchen.

Here are the benefits of cleaning out the kitchen:

  • You find healthy foods you bought with the best intentions of eating but still haven’t.  As a result, this is a great time to source out healthy recipes for the 10 bags of lentils or truck load of frozen spinach you bought but never cooked.
  • You learn what you don’t like.  If the casserole you made 7 month ago is still lingering in the freezer because each time you see it, you’re never in the mood to eat it, then ditch that recipe.  (Ditch the casserole too!)
  • Food prep will be easier going forward if you know where everything is in your kitchen.
  • If you love batch cooking like I do, you’ll have a better sense of which food groups you need to prep more of.

How often do you organize your kitchen?  Do you wait for National Clean Out the Fridge Day in November or do it a bit more frequently than once a year?

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