One May Be The Loneliest Number, But Less Than Zero is Downright Negative


Ok, let’s not read too much into the title of this post. My point is this – sizing in women’s apparel needs to be revamped, or at least reconsidered. How? I’m not exactly sure, but there are issues for women all over the size spectrum and large portions of the population are having a difficult time getting their needs met.

There’s been a lot of activity over the last year to a post which appeared on this blog titled, “Less Than Zero”. It inspired debate and raised concerns over the on going challenges woman face trying to find clothes that work for them in their busy and multifaceted lives. What ended up happening, surprisingly, was that we heard from a vast majority of women who want to know what to do when a size 0 or 00, is too large.

For some of us this may seem incredulous, but the fact is, sizing has changed over the years and in an effort to accommodate a population which now possesses a larger frame than in decades past, the retail industry has inadvertently made it more difficult for those who use to find their size in regular department store settings, but are now forced to shop in the kids or teen department.

I’ve been looking around and trying to find some information for our readers regarding where to go for great (or at least good, fashionable clothes), in sizes 0 and under. I’m still trying to seek out some outlets for shopping – even if on line. In the meantime I ran across this article on, which I thought those of you who are having issues in this regard might find interesting.

PS: I did want to add that I was in a very large GAP outlet this weekend in Vermont and saw that they had everything from 0 to size 18 represented. That’s a pretty wide array of sizes for one retailer to make ‘work’, so hats off to GAP.

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