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This week I’ve been doing all my dishes by hand at home and I’m not too happy about it.  There are certain luxuries, such as a functioning dishwasher, that I’ve gotten used to having.  At first it was a little fun/novel doing dishes the old-school way, but that quickly wore off.  I will say however, that there are certain chores I do still enjoy doing despite the fact that there are more modern and easier ways to do accomplish these tasks.  Often doing more things the “old fashioned way” results in healthier eating and a greater appreciation for the food.  Mindful eating is sure to show up in the equation when you are eating something that required more effort on your part.

For example, I have a hand cranked grain mill that I love to make whole grain flours with, or use to grind coffee beans.  I also just switched over to making coffee in a stove-top percolator instead of the lousy electric coffee maker we have that makes 2 cups of a lukewarm coffee-like beverage.  I still get a thrill from busting out my mortar and pestle from time to time, even though an electric spice grinder would do the trick much quicker.

I’m always impressed with people who make their own yogurt or bake bread (without a bread maker!).  I love being able to grow my own vegetables, herbs, and fruits or forage for berries.  I’m also intrigued by those who pick wild mushrooms or fiddleheads.  I don’t know enough about those to be certain of what I’m picking, so I have yet to try this.  Hopefully this year I will start raising chickens for eggs and maybe can some items from my garden as well; two things on my to do list.

What things do you do the old-school way in your kitchen?  Why do you choose this over a more modern way of accomplishing the same thing?

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