Old Man Winter – Take a Hike!


It has been unseasonably rainy where I live – breaking all kinds of records. People are going nuts. But today, thank heavens, they opened up and the sun came out. Spring was sprung (for at least today) and so was I.  I couldn’t wait to get out and take a walk. Not because it would be good for me and not because I should, but because I wanted to.

Here are some of the simple pleasures I enjoyed once I stepped outside my front door…

I got to stretch my legs
I explored
I looked at the beautiful blue sky and felt the sun on my face
I breathed deep (the kind of deep breath that gives you goose bumps)
I patted the head of a beautiful dog
I stood on a bridge and watched the water rushing by
I smiled and said ‘hi’ to strangers (and they smiled and said ‘hi’ back)
I picked some lemons and wild flowers
I tossed a ball back to a child
I smelled warm, fragrant fresh air
I smiled without even knowing it

So, take a walk – just because. It could make you happy.

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