On NOT Setting New Year’s Goals


Blackboard On not making New Year's Resolutions One of amazing things about our program at Green Mountain is that it opens our eyes to what most of us consider to be universal truths. One of those so many of us subscribe to is that we must be a certain weight to be healthy.

It was a tremendous relief for me to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach or answer to weight and health. Diets and doctor’s charts rarely consider the individual or what works for them. 
I am not an average or a statistic.The same thing can be said for how we’re “supposed” to approach life. We’ve been taught that if we’re to be successful, we must have a clear goal, a clear path to reach that goal, and the discipline to not veer from that path.
For most of my life, I would write down all kinds of goals in my planner. Looking back, I see lots of numbers circled in red pen.They included:
  • How much weight I wanted to lose each week
  • What size I wanted to wear by the end of the year
  • How many times I needed to work out to get there

When I didn’t reach those numbers, I could only see failure. Then my self esteem would plummet. And often I would seek solace with food. So, it was very interesting to hear from Green Mountain psychologist Darla Breckenridge that goal setting may not be for everyone.

In fact, depending on our personality styles, we may even have an “allergic reaction” to setting goals and there are probably better ways to get where we want to go.

Read our FitBriefing “On NOT Setting Goals” to learn whether setting goals works for you or sends you further down the path of frustration.

3 responses to “On NOT Setting New Year’s Goals”

  1. I like to choose a “Word of the Year” instead of a resolution. Two years ago I picked “SAVOR”, last year was “CALM.” Still working on my 2013 word… I may do a vision board again, too.

    • Betsy Russell says:

      What a wonderful idea for a “Word of the Year” instead of making resolutions. It immediately struck a chord for me. I LOVE it! I am following in your footsteps and choosing “SAVOR” for my word for 2013. I can’t think of a better one. I have been making the same resolutions for most of my life and never keeping them. Your idea is a gentle reminder to focus on the pleasures of everyday life which are many but so often rushed past as we see how many things we can stuff into a day. Thank You!

  2. Deborah says:

    I usually choose goals instead of resolutions but – as suggested – I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I set goals. It brings up a lot of SHOULDS and MUSTS etc.

    I like ‘knowing when I’ve arrived’, so goals are handy but I need to be more flexible. I’ve been doing some work with Karen Anderson and a few sessions ago we talked about goals relating to ‘feelings’ rather than achievements. I liked the notion.


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