No Chaos Living


The day after Christmas – what an appropriate time to discuss my new philosophy – No Chaos.

I’m not interested in Controlling Chaos, I’m not interested in living with it , nor am I interested in learning lessons from it and I don’t want to sing about it .

I’m just not doing it anymore. How? I realized that most of the chaos came from me – or rather my attitudes, opinions and reactions. What if having people over were just that – a visit – not a call to cook, clean, shop and spend money? What if going on a trip meant grabbing one pair of jeans, two shirts, one pair a shoes and underwear, not packing like Hannibal crossing the Alps with 88 elephants and 100,000 soldiers.

If it ain’t simple – it’s out.

If you visit me, you might see some dust around – consider it my crown of chaos-free living.

One response to “No Chaos Living”

  1. Cindy says:

    Best vacation I ever took was a one woman escape to Mexico – very last minute, literally threw in a swimsuit a couple tee shirts and ONE pair of shorts. It was great!

    I also secretly envy people who live sort of a cluttered, untidy life. I go to their homes and think, wow, they don’t care what anyone thinks about how they live. I wish I could do that – but I still struggle. It’s like that Friend’s episode where Monica leaves her shoe in the living room just to show she can and then in the middle of the night she sneaks out to pick it up. Hee!

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