Night Time Eating – Is it Spiritual Hunger?


Struggling with night time eating is common. It could be due to an emotional trigger like stress or boredom. We could eat at night out of habit, especially when it’s paired with a night time routine like TV viewing. However, one reason we may reach for food at night is in response to Spiritual Hunger. Most people are familiar with Emotional Hunger, which may cause us to eat, but we may not be aware of Spiritual Hunger.

Struggling with a sense of deprivation, not food deprivation, but deprivation from other things that make us feel whole: connection with other people, a sense of purpose/meaning, self-nurturing activities, a sense of community or belonging, or just fun/joy in general, can leave us with a void to be filled (a Spiritual Hunger). Although food does not adequately serve these purposes, it can be used in the short term to fill that void. Eating can be a way to comfort or care for one’s self, eating can be something joyful we look forward to, food can be company when we lack connections with others.

If this resonates with you, filling that void with things other than food should be priority number one. Make sure these things are meaningful to you and are things you honestly look forward to. It might not even be a bad idea to work these activities into the evening time frame, if that’s when you are most likely to turn to food.

I’ve already rattled of my list of things I’m passionate about in a past blog on Winding Down Without Food, however recently I’ve made an addition to my list. I just started an American Sign Language class and I am surprised at how excited I am about this new learning experience.  At the end of my work day I look forward to going home to fun activities like this, rather than looking forward to going home to eat.  Branching out and trying new things may help us discover things that fill the void that food may have in the past. Next on my list….roller derby! Well, we’ll see….

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