Binge & Emotional Eating Fall Weekend Intensives

Fall of 2017

Friday Evening — Sunday Noon

Led by one of the country’s leading binge and emotional eating experts, Dr. Kari Anderson, our Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating is offering the foundational one-week PathwayTM program in an intensive weekend format.

Is the Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend Intensive right for you?


  • Sometimes eat in secret and would be humiliated if anyone saw the amount you eat?
  • Feel a bit out of control once you start eating certain foods & feel like you just can’t stop eating?
  • Find yourself eating a lot when you’re bored, sad or anxious – whether you’re significantly overweight or not?
  • Long to stop feeling so alone in all of it, to feel understood and accepted?

What to Expect at the Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend Intensive

The Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend Intensive has an intimate and safe small group format that leads you through a progressive curriculum with therapeutic processing.

Through a curriculum of group workshops and therapeutic support, you’ll explore the personal barriers that have kept you stuck, and how to counter them with evidence-based strategies to prevent eating in response to stress and emotions.

Each participant meets with a therapist for an individualized assessment, treatment and an aftercare planning session. Includes a follow-up phone session with you (and a member of your professional team at home, if available) to ensure a transfer of care and focus.

Leave with a feeling of liberation that you’re on the path toward making peace with food and your body.

In this one intensive weekend, you can expect to experience:

check mark EMPOWERMENT.

You’ll free yourself of the shame and secrecy you now may feel.

check mark SELF-AWARENESS.

You’ll truly understand what it will take to overcome these patterns based on your individual history and needs.

check mark HOPE.

You’ll see this whole experience as an opportunity to stop emotional and binge eating and feel confident in your ability to do the same at home.

check mark PEACE.

Surrounded by the beautiful vistas of Vermont, you’ll relax in an environment that’s just right for discovering your true nature.

check mark CARING.

The camaraderie of this women-only program and the devoted professionals who have chosen to specialize in binge and emotional eating create a safe, secure environment.

check mark CHANGE.

You’ll have the tools to create and sustain real change in your emotional and physical health. And yes, any weight issues will be addressed, too.


Thursday Evening — Friday Evening

Followed by Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend

The Binge & Emotional Eating Weekend Intensive can be combined with the Green Mountain at Fox Run retreat for a comprehensive lifestyle-changing experience.

Arrive early to experience a full day of our our pioneering and life-changing Core Essentials Program during your stay.

This add-on experience will provide you with our fundamental core strategies for health and well-being. You can expect to:

  • Practice exercise that actually makes you feel good.
  • Start making healthy eating choices that are not driven by diets, but driven by YOU.
  • Cultivate mindfulness to manage the stress & emotions that get in your way.

In this one intensive weekend, you will have the opportunity to change the way you think about your eating behavior and leave with the skills, confidence, and strategies necessary to implement your personal plan for freedom.

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