New and Improved – NOT!


It’s inevitable that January turns the mind to “resolutions” and a “new you.” We’re bombarded with messages of how the “new and improved” (fill in name of product or service) can make a “new and improved” you.

If “new and improved” makes you think that someone is calling you “old and defective,” well, you think like I do! You may need some help putting some balance into your life, some guidance in learning how to make yourself a priority, some assistance brushing the dust out of your wings, but you are not defective!

Take a look at a new way to consider resolutions, with this resolution make over, and reject with both hands and feet any suggestion that you are out to pasture!

I just heard this, “When all you’ve got is a hammer, pretty much everything looks like a nail.” I say, when all you’ve got is your self-worth, you’ve got everything!

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