National Running Day – June 1st


It seems odd to me that I’m excited for National Running Day, which is June 1st, next Wednesday.  When I think back to how much I hated cross country when I was in middle school, I’m really surprised that now, 24 years later, I love running.  For years I avoided it thinking that I wouldn’t be able to run very far without having to pull up.  Now I’m happy to run and would like to work my way up to training for a half marathon at some point.

I think there are a lot of things in life we may talk ourselves out of trying because we don’t have the confidence that we’ll be able to do it.  I put off piano lessons for a while, assuming I would be lousy at it.  Well, I am fairly lousy at playing piano, but I don’t regret taking lessons at all since it brings me so much joy to play, even if I play poorly.  I find that the older I get the more likely I am to venture out and try new things, even if I’m a little nervous about it at first.  Piano lessons led to stained glass course, to a master gardener’s course, to sign language classes, to running, and next on my list learning to upholster furniture.

Exposing ourselves to new experiences is one of the things needed to create new neural circuits in the brain.  This is something we touch on often at our healthy weight loss spa.  We may be trying to change old, less-than-healthy habits and trying new things is part of that process.

What things have you challenged yourself with, even if at first you were a little nervous about trying it?

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