Move that body!


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Find a friend. Take a walk.  Have a conversation. Move that body!  It helps manage emotions and feels good.

Exercise is becoming the new medicine. It increases life span; prevents heart disease, stroke and diabetes; lowers cancer rates and blood pressure; improves cholesterol; treats glaucoma, arthritis and osteoporosis; fights Alzheimer’s, depression and dementia; writes David Stabler of the Oregonian.

Studies on exercise and longevity show that for every hour you exercise, you can add an hour to your life span, says Dr. Kerry Kuehl at OHSU.
“But it is not just quantity of life that matters,” he says. “More importantly, your quality of life improves. Exercise not only adds years to your life, but reduces aging-related disability and improves physical capacity and health status.

So what gets in our way?

  • Not enough time
  • Feel too wiped out
  • Have pain when I walk
  • Just don’t want to get off the couch

Even though it helpful to move our body, what prevents us from taking action is in our head.

Head Shifter#1 ( that is not head shrinker)

“I can do anything ( well almost anything) for 3 mins.” Set the timer and sing, or walk around the couch for 3 mins

Head Shifter#2

“What is one small thing I can do right now?  Breathe, stretch, stand up and walk around

Head Shifter #3

“Hey remember how much better you will sleep tonight if you move now?” Be kind to yourself, talk to yourself as if you were talking to someone else

Do you have a Head Shifter technique to share with others?  Count yourself today!

3 responses to “Move that body!”

  1. Good reminders! I’ve been super busy the past two weeks, and I’ve missed the buzz I get from exercise. Here’s to adding more this week!

  2. Kim L says:

    I do a stretch whenever I get a text message. Just one muscle. You would be shocked how much stretching you do in just one day. Just break up your GM stretches into single moves and try it. It’s fun.

  3. Deborah says:

    Mine’s pretty much like the 3 minute rule. In the past when I’ve struggled (and I kinda am now again) I’ve told myself I’ll just do a few minutes and usually I find that once I’m going I’m loath to stop.

    It’s the starting that’s the problem!


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