50 Morning Mantras for a Happier Life


Let’s admit it, we live in a society that encourages us to constantly wonder about our worth. Are we beautiful enough, smart enough, thin enough, strong enough, healthy enough, good enough? Many values, images, and beliefs in our culture tell us that we’re not! And no matter how confident you are, or how good your self-esteem, hearing these messages on a daily basis can get you down.

Our thoughts influence how we feel and how we feel impacts the choices we make.

If we feel good about ourselves, we’re empowered to make choices that are in our own best interest. But if we’re caught up in negative self-talk, we can feel pretty bad about ourselves and our choices may reflect that.

So, how do we change our how we think about ourselves? One way is by practicing self-love. Self-love isn’t about suddenly “loving” or “liking” yourself more, which can be really hard when you’ve been critical of yourself for years! Self-love is about treating yourself with respect, acceptance, and appreciation. One way to practice it is creating and implementing mantras. A mantra is a word or phrase you repeat to yourself regularly, sometimes even several times a day. When we try something new like utilizing a mantra, we form new connections in the brain. Every time we engage in that new behavior, we’re strengthening those connections. Simply put, mantras help us to reprogram the mind. Over time, you’re quieting that negative self-talk by strengthening new self-love connections in the brain.

How To Use Self-Love Mantras

First, notice negative self-talk. Let’s say you find yourself being self-critical at the gym, thinking, “I should be able to go faster than this,” or somesuch. Catching that negative voice red-handed is so important because awareness is the first step to making any sort of change.

Second,  use a neutral phrase instead. In the above gym example, for instance, you could move away from a judgmental tone with a neutral phrase, like “This is how fast I am going.” Or, say the negative thought was a comment on how your thighs look in the gym mirror—a neutral phrase would be “My thighs enable me to walk.”

Next, say a self-love mantra that will help you to rewire those neural pathways. Choose a mantra that feels authentic. t may feel uncomfortable and silly at first, and that’s okay!

50 Self-Love Mantras

  1. I love myself.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I can be healthy at any size.
  4. I am worthy of love.
  5. I’m worth it.
  6. Body, you are enough.
  7. I have everything I need.
  8. I choose to be happy.
  9. I am worthy of good things.
  10. I can choose positive thoughts.
  11. I let my happiness be visible to others.
  12. I am strong.
  13. It’s okay for me to trust myself.
  14. I can do this.
  15. I’ve got this.
  16. I am capable.
  17. I am becoming
  18. I am confident in my decisions.
  19. I surround myself with loving people.
  20. I have everything it takes to get through this.
  21. I am not my thoughts.
  22. I am not my emotions.
  23. I am in control of my actions.
  24. I am loved, just the way I am right now.
  25. I am open.
  26. I am a success.
  27. I will continue to learn and grow.
  28. I deserve a good life.
  29. I am growing and changing.
  30. I love the person I am becoming.
  31. I believe in myself.
  32. I believe in my skills and abilities.
  33. I have great ideas.
  34. I make useful contributions.
  35. I acknowledge my own self-worth.
  36. I am worthy of all good things that happen in my life.
  37. I deserve the love that I am given.
  38. I let go of the negative feelings about myself.
  39. I accept all that is good about myself.
  40. I will stand by me.
  41. I will stay true to who I am.
  42. I am thankful.
  43. I am blessed.
  44. Every day is a new beginning.
  45. I will observe myself free of judgment.
  46. I manifest the things I want.
  47. I am in the right place.
  48. I am in the process of making positive changes.
  49. I choose self-love.
  50. I choose me.

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