More on the 15-Minute Miracle


Previously I wrote about the relief of giving yourself permission to do something for just a short time, The 15-Minute Miracle.

That’s the first step, realizing that it’s okay to do something even if it’s not perfect.

I’ve been working hard to keep that kind of relief in the front of my mind. In addition, I’ve been subscribing to "No Chaos" living…one of my favorite supports for that is "Real Simple" magazine and website. They’ve read my mind with their "15-minute" series…here is an excerpt and link to the 15-minute Workouts.

"Try adding one of the following workouts to your day, or mix it up and do a different one each day of the week: Hop on an exercise ball, practice yoga, do strength exercises, walk briskly, jump rope, and watch those little bursts add up to big gains." from Real Simple

The Workouts
  • Exercise Ball Workout 
  • Yoga Workout 
  • Strength Workout 
  • Walking Workout 
  • Jumping Rope Workout
  • Enjoy the weekend in more than 15-minute intervals – but remember you can work in anything if it’s just 15-minutes you’re committing to!

    (For those of you that might not get my oblique choice of artwork – those are the Campbell’s Soup Cans that were made famous by Andy Warhol, who also coined the term, "15 minutes of fame.")

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