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A few weeks ago we had a request on Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Facebook page to share one of our self-monitoring tools focused on encouraging the practice of mindful eating.  One definition I found of self monitoring is: keeping track of how one is doing relative to one’s purpose.  I like to describe self-monitoring as periodically checking in with one’s self to take stock of what’s working and what needs some work.

This list of self-monitoring questions below can be used in 2 ways.  One, at the end of the day, reflecting on these questions regarding your eating patterns for the entire day or the 2nd way would be to consider these questions while you are eating meals or snacks.  For the latter, we keep these questions posted on our dining room tables at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

When I ate today, was I:

  • Hungry?
  • Tuned into my hunger and appetite?
  • Focused on the food and how I felt when I ate it?
  • Aware of the amount and appearance of the food?
  • Eating slowly and savoring each bite?
  • Chewing thoroughly and concentrating on the taste, texture, and temperature of the food?
  • Checking my degree of satiation and level of fullness?
  • Relaxed and comfortable as I enjoyed the eating experience?

 Reflecting on your eating patterns yesterday, how would you answer these questions?


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