‘Moderation In All Things’ – *Humph!*


The great thinkers of ancient Greece held the notion of moderation in high esteem. So did my parents. They didn’t quote Euripides or anything, but they liked to say things like, “everything in moderation” and “Plato said practice moderation and he was pretty smart, right?”

So, in my house this seemed to be the answer to everything, eating, exercise and especially the application of make-up. But, I never was the ‘moderate’ type. Once I put my mind to something I was off, full speed ahead. Burning rubber until the tires blew off. The faster I could get there the better. And if I couldn’t get there pretty darn quick, my attention would soon be focused elsewhere.

I stink at moderation and I probably always will. So, I keep working at it, but even now I feel the old psyche’s gravitational pull. A testament to this behavior comes to me this morning in the form of a cold compress on my knee. I’ve been working on one machine in the gym for the last 8 months, so more than likely that repetitive motion has done a little number on my knee. Oh sure, I’ve had the occasional walk every now and then, but not enough to really shake it up, to give my body a chance to rest and repair.

So what are the consequences for my lack of moderation in all things exercise? I’ll probably be down for the count, at least for a while until it heals and that might take a while. So, there you go…all or nothing, feast or famine, good or bad and now it’s pay back time.

So, I’ve pulled an old copy of Medea off the shelf and blown the dust off in the hopes that I might retain a little wisdom. At worse it should help me fall asleep tonight.

2 responses to “‘Moderation In All Things’ – *Humph!*”

  1. Kathy says:

    Cindy, my guiding light has always been “balance.” And I guess if you do everything in moderation, then everything is balanced.

    You probably stink at moderation because you’re a stand-out kinda person (as we’ve come to know you)…and that’s a good thing.:) But now you’ve got to work at standing UP. Hope you feel better, sug!

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks so much, Kathy. Good advice…good advice!

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