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This year has been a physically challenging one for me. I’ve suffered 2 broken bones and a knee injury, but something positive came out of the experience. I was forced to do things outside of my normal routine in order to work around the injury. Mainly the knee injury has been the most frustrating since it’s prevented me from my favorite cardio activity, running. Since I cannot run, I’ve had to switch to biking. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as running, but it’s a close 2nd. I don’t think I would have ever dragged my bike out of the basement had it not been screwed up my knee. Although I miss running, I’m excited about finding a new activity I enjoy.

It very easy to get stuck in a rut with physical activity. One of the reasons we offer so many different fitness classes at our healthy weight loss spa is to encourage people to find a wide variety of activities they like.  Identifying an activity you love and doing it over, and over, and over may not be in your best interest. Certain repetitive activities may increase the likelihood of an injury, but you also may run into a bit of muscle memory where we are so used to the activity that it’s no longer fully challenging to the body.  I definitely found biking to be a challenge since it’s such a different movement from running.  Also, it was nice to experience the joy of coasting down a hill with the wind in my face….it brought me back to being a kid when all I did was ride my bike all day long just for fun.

Now that I’m excited about biking, it’s inspiring me to look for other activities I’ve not considered in the past. Maybe this weekend I’ll drag out the canoe from under our deck and see if that activity floats my boat…yes pun intended.

What new activities have you tried that were surprisingly fun to you?

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