It’s a Mira-KALE!


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It’s a Mira-KALE!

Last time I posted back in August, I divulged some less than glorious details about my stubborn digestive tract. Well, I have some glorious discoveries to report. After beginning a regimen of supplements for my gut (don’t you just love that word; it’s so raw… GUT) and my liver, my stomach continued to chug along at a very depressed rate. I thought I was officially doomed.

So, after all of the hours of research, my roommate and I decided to go out and get us a blender. Next on the list, was attempting some easy-on-the-taste-buds concoctions filled with lots of green leafy vegetable things that didn’t seem appealing in their fully leafy state. And then…a miracle. Or shall we say, mira-KALE!

“And then…a miracle. Or shall we say, mira-KALE!”

Now, I’m no doctor, nutritionist, scientist, botanist, or even an herbivore vegetarian-type, but I am officially a believer in all things green (except for money, that one’s still up for debate). After only one spinach-and-kale-filled blended beauty (with some unsweetened almond milk and minimal frozen fruits for taste), my gut let go of its grudge.

Now, I cannot be 100% sure that kale is the cure, but my unclogged gut keeps hinting that it wants more, more, more. I knew kale was “the super food of the moment” but who knew it would be my stubborn stomach super solution? (Don’t you just love a good alliteration?)

I’ve found a way to shovel extra nutrients into this body of mine, in a tasty way that also doubles as a hilarious activity. My roommate and I have the most absurd chuckles over our “blender battles.” So, as an added bonus to my gutted gut (gutted of food, not intestines here folks), I’m getting a free abdominal workout. Oh, and did I mention that my binging brain hasn’t had a negative thing to say about it? I KALEculate this equation…a success!

Moral of the story: Keep searching for the right tools, because there is an answer hidden in a corner, under a rug, or in my case, in a blender.

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  1. Marsha Hudnall says:

    So glad to see you are finding your way through your gut struggles, Jacki. And yes, I love the word gut!

    Nutrition is an amazing thing — it is fundamental to healing our bodies. And when part of the reason they need to be healed is because of eating problems, that can be doubly true. Because in binge eating, the foods we eat often are generally of pretty low nutritional value. Resulting in the fact that we can be malnourished — even when we don’t “look” like it. That is, when we are larger, we are often assumed just to be eating too much and many times little attention is given to our nutritional health status.

    So yay for kale and I wish you good adventures in smoothie-land. I encourage you to dive deeply into eating great-tasting foods that are great for you, too!

    Thanks so much for your post.

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