Mindful Eating/Intuitive Eating Case Studies


I just have to share this post and comments about mindful eating or intuitive eating from the blog Shapely Prose, which I recently learned about. It’s one of the best real-life discussions of mindful eating or intuitive eating that I’ve seen. I don’t want to take away from its thunder by excerpting it because it’s really valuable to spend the time reading the whole thing, including all the comments. One note: The person who let me know about it felt compelled to say that it does contain some !@# language, so I guess I should also notify you about it.

Becoming a mindful eater/intuitive eater is a major step in eating well to be healthy. For some of us, it paves the way to healthy weight loss — that is weight loss that occurs because we’ve gotten our bodies to higher than healthy weights because of all the unmindful/non-intuitive eating that we’ve done, largely the result of dieting or the diet mentality. At the very least, mindful eating can lead the way to peaceful eating, which is a huge step forward in achieving the goal of health and happiness.

After you’ve read the post on mindful eating/intuitive eating, bookmark the blog so you can read other entries, too. It’s a great place to spend some time!

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