Mindful Eating: One Piece of Pumpkin Pie Never Made Anyone Fat!


But the whole pie…now that’s another story!

Most of us who have visited Green Mountain at Fox Run have heard this pearl of healthy eating wisdom before.  And why do we understand this concept? Because we’ve lived it successfully – many times.

When we diet, or restrict ourselves from the foods we love, we are often restricting certain foods and/or food groups that we may consider trigger foods.  We eat this way until we can’t take it anymore, which could be a day, a week, a month or possibly longer. But ultimately, we tumble down that slippery slope of deprivation right into a vat of cookie batter.

On this upcoming holy of holy American eating days, Thanksgiving, lets try to remember that listening to your internal cues, eating til you are satisfied and giving yourself permission to do so, may be the key to unlock a lovely holiday which will not only satisfy your tummy and your pallet, but more importantly, your heart.

Happy Eating!

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