Meet the Green Mountain Staff: Robyn Priebe, RD


Continuing our series revealing the secrets of our staff here at Green Mountain, I bring you Robyn Priebe, dietitian extraordinaire, defender of normal eating and all things chocolate.


Robyn Priebe nutritionistThe Green Mountain You What’s your role at Green Mountain at Fox Run?

I started working for Green Mountain at Fox Run in the Fall of 2003 after completing my dietetic internship. The position at Green Mountain was the exact type of dietetics work I wanted to do when I made the decision to study nutrition. After having worked in a spa in my younger years, I knew I wanted to be in a resort/retreat type of setting, surrounded by staff and clients who felt health, nutrition, and fitness were big priorities in their lives. Currently I am Green Mountain’s Director of Nutrition.

Highlights of Your Classes at Green Mountain What are some highlights of what women get from your classes at GMFR? What is a personal highlight?

That would be a great question for our participants! One of the most common bits of feedback I get from participants is that my nutrition classes are presented in a way that makes sense to them and they can see how to apply the information to their lives. Many women tell me that they’ve heard/read a lot about nutrition, but after attending my classes, they are able to put the pieces together and understand all the nutrition information they’ve had kicking around in their heads.

What I personally love about working at Green Mountain is how receptive the women who come to us are to the information we provide. The majority of women at Green Mountain are READY for change and they soak up information like a sponge. It’s so rewarding knowing that people want the information that you are providing and even more rewarding know that applying that information may change their lives for the better.

Tips for Managing What are some of your favorite stress management strategies?

My favorite stress management tool is listening to music. I am a huge music fan and music can really direct my mood. If I’m feeling a bit stressed, I always keep my ipod with me and can quickly fire up some of my favorite songs. Just thinking about listening to music already helps me to relax, even before I’ve “plugged in.”

Managing Your Life How do you make time for yourself?

I am my top priority. When I’m not working, I make sure to include activities I really enjoy in my free time rather than filling it all with errands, housework, etc… Granted I still get the laundry done, but I will always work fun into my day somewhere even if it means the dishes don’t get done in a timely fashion or my husband needs to wait a few days before I’ll give him a hair cut. After all, that’s what hats are for.

Fun What do you do for fun?

Everything! I love going to concerts; I wish there were more in the Vermont area, but I’ll drive to see my favorite musicians, it’s not a problem. I play piano, I make boxes and jewelry out of stained glass, arts & crafts projects are always in progress at my house, I like to paint and draw, I love to grow food in my garden and tons of houseplants indoors, I like to sew: (clothes, reusable grocery bags, curtains, pillows, backpacks, purses, etc..), I’m madly in love with my dog and I like to take her for walks, I like turning my favorite songs into karaoke songs with computer software so I can sing along in my car, I’m addicted to Netflix, and as BS as it might sound, I like working out – mainly running, P90X, and thanks to our fantastic fitness staff, I’m now having fun with strength training.

In the future I’d like to learn sign language, take guitar lessons or maybe get back to playing the drums which I did when I was younger. I’d also like to do more rock climbing if I can find a little extra time since that was something I really loved in the past. I would also like to have chickens for eggs, although I’m not sure that is going to be fun.

More Fun What’s your favorite fairy tale or joke?

I like the story of The Fisherman and His Wife. It’s a good reminder of where greed will get you.

Even More Fun What makes your heart feel light or what makes you laugh?

Stupid humor, such as movies like Superbad and Anchor Man. I love stand-up comedy (especially Mike Birbiglia and Eddie Izzard).  My husband can crack me up with stupid comments like responding to me saying “I’m tired” with “Well, maybe you should have some jelly,” and I laugh more in the Green Mountain kitchen than anywhere else lately. I work with some pretty funny chefs.

Clearing Up the Mysteries What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m a pretty good dancer. I like ballroom, swing, and just gettin’ down. I considered going into choreography before I decided to study art, which was before I studied nutrition. I have many interests!

So there you have Robyn!  Do you have any questions for her?

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