12 Ways to Measure Your Health (That Have Nothing To Do With the Scale)


Has the scale in your bathroom ever dictated to you how you’re going to feel one day?

  • What you are going to wear? Or not wear?
  • What you are going to eat? Or not eat?
  • What you are going to do? Or not do?

Why do we let a piece of metal dictate the way we feel, how we are going to approach our day or even our existence?

Imagine a day where you just ask yourself… “How am I going to address my day? What clothes feel good on my body today? Am I hungry? What sounds good for breakfast?

I say ditch the scale. It has had no formal education, it has no brain cells, no infinite power, and NO RIGHT to tell us how we are to feel about ourselves or how healthy we are.

Do you know there are a lot of ways we can measure our health that have anything to do with the number on a scale?

You are so much more than a number on a scale.

When you treat your body with the respect that it deserves, it will let you know how you’re doing. You just have to listen to it and notice what it needs.

12 Indicators Your Body Will Tell You When You’re Healthy

Here are a few things that your body will share with you when it’s feeling healthy, and when you listen closely:

  1. Your mood improves! People want to hang out with you, YOU want to hang out with YOU!
  2. Your clothes fit better and they feel good on your skin.
  3. You may sleep sounder at night. Imagine waking up refreshed and rejuvenated instead of tired and depressed, or guilty and judgmental.
  4. You feel stronger and more confident. Carrying that laundry basket upstairs feels so much easier.
  5. You have more energy to do things that bring you joy.
  6. You want to go outside, play with the kids or take a walk with your friends.
  7. Your health markers are better. Your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are moving in the right direction.
  8. There are fewer aches and pains throughout your body. Who wants to move when it hurts? By getting out of pain, you are more apt to move your body.
  9. You are more likely to try new things, take risks. How about trying Foot Golf? Pickle Ball? Kayaking?
  10. Stress and anxiety levels decrease, because your mood and body are beginning to feel better.
  11. We stop obsessing over food and weight.
    • The sooner you can make peace with food, and let go of the dieting mentality and the weight obsession, the sooner you can get back to living your life.
    • Diets don’t work. 95% of dieters regain their weight and maybe even more with 3 years of the diet. Let’s not waste any more time thinking about “the next one” and focus more on what the body is telling us.
    • Diet and restriction lower metabolism, decreases your satiety hormone, increases your hunger hormone and triggers your brain to obsess about what you are not allowed to have.
  12. We feel better living in our own bodies.

By learning how to trust, honor and respect your body, you can begin to live a life free from weight worries and struggles.

You can begin a mindful journey to live a happier and healthier life in these beautiful homes that we call bodies.

10 responses to “12 Ways to Measure Your Health (That Have Nothing To Do With the Scale)”

  1. Daphne says:

    thank you

    • Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, AFAA says:

      You are welcome. The scale has no more control over my thougths, or my days…

  2. JUDY Miller says:

    I like this attitude. Thanks. The scale gets kicked under the bed. I feel better already.

  3. Pamela Craycraft says:

    Have to loose weight to feel all those things.

  4. Sheri Graham says:

    Scale was gone the day I returned home from GMFR! This whole article is awesome, however I think my favorite statement is “why do we let a piece of METAL dictate how we’re going to feel? Puts it in perspective when we realize that we’ve been giving an inanimate object power over our mind, body & spirit. Thank you so much Anne & GMFR for helping me understand and embrace that I am more than just a number!

    • Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, AFAA says:

      That is great Sheri. A number on the scale does not buy happiness or health….

  5. Olga Tulipano says:

    In pounds or kilos, the scale makes me uneasy, you weigh in the morning, weigh less, jump on in afternoon at doctor’s and 5 pounds heavier, and doctor says “put on a few pounds their?” Refuse to get on scale again at doctor too stressful.
    My scale broke other day, will not be replacing, will no longer allow it to determine what kind of day I will have. Good bye scale. Very helpful read, thanks much.

    • Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, AFAA says:

      Sometimes the scale breaks, sometimes we break it ourselves. Either way, we are better off without it!

  6. Beverly Dame says:

    Do we really need to lose weight to feel those things as Pamela Craycraft suggests? I can feel some of those things after exercising, after accepting that who I am at whatever weight. We change all through our lives. Am I going to hate myself now because I am no longer in my 20s with the metabolism that went with it? Not any more. Life is too short.
    P.S. Only regret is that in retirement I can’t afford another visit to GMFR.

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