Making Perfectionism Work for You


Battling a personal demon today that ties right into Gina’s comment yesterday “wouldn’t it be boring if everything was perfect?” I, like many others who read this blog, frequently fall victim to the idea that we need to be perfect. And if we’re not, then we’re not doing things the way we’re ‘supposed to.’

Today for me, it’s about doing everything that I’ve got on my ‘to do’ list. Forget that it’s incredibly long. I know I need to prioritize – and I do. But the rest of the list tends to sit back there and call to me….

So this post is to help myself and hope that it speaks to you, too.

My “To Do” List Revisited

  • Do what I can. Forget about perfectionism that contains unrealistic goals; opt for a type of perfectionism that works as a driving force to succeed.
  • Prioritize so that what I do means the most to me. Today, at the top of my list was myself. First thing I did (okay, the second – I did answer a few emails first :-D) was to take a walk. And that’s set the tone for my day.
  • Stay mindful in whatever I do. Focus on what I’m doing and let the rest go. A good message for everything in life. And by staying mindful, we help make our perfectionistic tendencies something that helps us do our best at whatever we do (see the first bullet above).
  • Enjoy myself. I’m fortunate. Much of what I have to do today involves being with my children.

That’s it. A much shorter list that’s infinitely doable!

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