Making Changes that Work: Green Mountain KISSes


Greetings! This is my first post in this brand New Year and I’m excited to kick off a focus we’re going to take for awhile on A Weight Lifted. Our aim is to help you discover the simplest things you can do to bring balance and enjoyment to your eating and your life.

I’ll be regularly offering ideas with which I hope you can fly, and that we have seen help many of the women who have come to our healthy weight loss program. We’re going to call these ideas Green Mountain KISSes, playing off the Keep It Simple, Sweetheart theme.

I’ve already generated a long list of ideas that I’m eager to share with you and fervently hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments. That way, we’ll keep the momentum of change moving along at a meaningful, just-right pace.

Blogs can be a meeting place for conversations with like-minded people. A place that helps us stay committed to doing what we set out to do. Here on A Weight Lifted, we hope you’ll receive and give acts of kindness by hearing the voices of others and speaking yours. Like a virtual kiss on the cheek and warm embrace when you need it.

To get started, think about doing one of these two things:

  • Zero in on one thing in your life that isn’t simple. Look closely at the situation. See it, hear it, feel it. Now, consider what one step you might take to simplify it. That step might be to look at it differently, or it might mean taking a step back and observing how your behavior might have complicated the situation. Observe, without judgment, the details of the situation in your mind’s eye and notice the pattern and look for the one thing might you do that would make a difference.


  • Think about one thing in your life that seems quite simple, one that almost effortlessly works for you. Think about how you make that happen. How are others involved in helping you make it happen? Does your success come from a loving heart or do you use my-way-or-the-highway or anger to instill fear and get reluctant compliance?

Use this opportunity to scrutinize the nature of your success, or lack of success, for important lessons that you can take into this New Year. And to notice alternative behaviors you want to adopt and those that you want to leave behind.

Imagine what your empowered self, with a greater degree of balance and Green Mountain KISSes in her life, can do with this irrefutable self knowledge. I would love to hear about something that is not simple in your life and what you learned about it or how you could simplify it just a little. Or, what is one thing that works effortlessly for you and why.

Throw me a KISS idea.

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