It Happened This Week: Loving Veggies, Self-Love, and Vermont Covered Bridges


vermont covered bridge

This isn’t a Vermont covered bridge, but a New England one.

Just in time for summer bounty, Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, tells us how to fall in love with veggies.

One of my favorite tweets of the week from Marc David @psych_of_eating: “Nutrition facts are like #food. Choose wisely, ruminate over it slowly, & check to see that it’s fresh & not outdated.”

Did you catch the research this week on the power of saying “I don’t” instead of “I can’t” when it comes to food choices.  Yoni Freedhoff has a take on it that we heartily support — if it smacks of restriction, it’s highly unlikely to last.  Our encouragement at Green Mountain at Fox Run, our radically different version of a weight loss camp, has always been to think “I want” instead of “I can’t.”  It’s about opening up our choices, and thinking beyond the moment, too.

This interesting bit (on only 30 people) of research explores  the energy expenditure of modern-day hunter gatherers.  More fodder for the debate about which is more important to weight management – exercise or diet? (Thanks to @CalliopeCo for the heads up.)

I wanted to feature this picture of a red covered bridge in Vermont but don’t know if I can do without permission or paying for it.  So you’ll just have to click through to see one of the prides of Vermont.  The upcoming fall is a primo time for traveling the state to see them; you get to see the gorgeous colorful leaves of that season, too!  And it’s another wonderful time to join us at Green Mountain.  We’ve got a special program planned, too — you just gotta love its title: Stop Waiting, Stop Hating and Start Living.

Live your weekend!

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