Loving Ourselves, Our Lives: Tips for Stopping Waiting, Hating and Starting to Live


girl having fun with hoola hoopAlthough every week is a celebrate-your-body week at Green Mountain, it has been a special one this week because we’ve hosted the original body image warrior Mara Glatzel, a masters level clinical social worker and self-love coach.  During this week titled “Stop Waiting, Stop Hating, Start Living,” she’s led Green Mountain participants on a week-long journey from Becoming a Body Image Warrior to Letting Go of the Body Fantasy to  Thriving in your Life and Relationships to Building a Community around Self-Love.

Oh, and forgot to mention her hooping classes, which were preceded by a make-your-own hula hoop class that turned out some mighty fine hoops. Thank you, Mara, for a fabulous week!

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I thought I would finish off the week with a round-up of some especially good posts on the subject of body celebrating.

Stop Waiting to Be Prettier  Sneak peek: Today I love the lines of my neck. Just for a second.

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Body Year-Round   An oldie but goodie from Weightless, one of my favorite blogs

Celebrating Your Body  From Green Mountain’s insightful and so-appreciated ambassador Jill, written after a stay here

Love Your Body  Especially love their 10 Ways You Can Love Your Body

Celebrate Your Body, Celebrate You  Featuring “beautiful and luxurious fashions in sizes 10-24 as well as hand-picked accessories to complete any look!”  yeah!

Hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating your body and your life!  We’d love to hear how you plan to do that —  the comment section is ready and waiting for you!

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  1. Thank you for the mention!! May we all take time to cherish our bodies!

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