Loving Ourselves in the New Year


There’s a great event going on over on Facebook encouraging a New Year’s ReVolution instead of the same old resolutions.  It’s focused on loving ourselves to wellness, e.g., the Health at Every SizeSM (HAES) approach, instead of, well, you know.  New Year’s resolutions are too often about focusing on what we hate.

You can check out the Facebook page for lots of resources but here I wanted to share some of my favorites from a long list of HAES Inspirations the organizers put together. I ended up including most of them.

Joyful Movement

  1. Today I will move for the joy of it.
  2. Today I will find a few minutes to play.
  3. Today I will tune in to what my body feels like before, during, and after I move it.
  4. Today I will try out a movement or exercise activity I haven’t done in a while.
  5. Today I will go for a walk or a hike and enjoy nature.
  6. Today I will go to an athletic shoe store and get shoes selected and fitted by a professional.

Intuitive Eating

  1. Today I will enjoy what I eat and eat what I enjoy.
  2. Today I will count clouds instead of calories.
  3. Today I will embrace my hunger, because it tells me it’s time to eat.
  4. Today I will let go of ideas about “good” and “bad” foods, and simply eat what my body craves.
  5. Today I will eat a nutritious and satisfying breakfast.
  6. Today I will weigh the merits of foods not only by how nutritious they are, but also how delicious.
  7. Today I will have myself over for dinner. I will make some wonderful food, light candles, put on a dress and some nice music, and really savor every bite.
  8. Today I will try something new to eat.
  9. Today I will give every body part a vote about what we eat (this includes my mouth and my brain, too!).


  1. Today I will pick up the phone and make that medical or self-care appointment I keep meaning to schedule.
  2. Today I will have a spa day. I will either go to a day spa to be pampered or make my own day spa at home with manicure, pedicure, hot bath, facial, etc.
  3. Today I will take the first step towards finding a fat-friendly physician. (I could start with the Fat Friendly Health Professionals list.
  4. Today I will buy myself flowers.
  5. Today I will give loving attention to a part of my body which I rarely pamper.

Self Esteem/Acceptance

  1. Today I will write down five things I appreciate about my body.
  2. Today I will think of, and speak out loud, one positive/loving thing about a part of my body which I usually dislike and/or ignore.
  3. Today I will spend a few minutes alone, in front of a mirror, look myself in the eyes, and say, “I love you. You aren’t perfect and you don’t have to be. I love you unconditionally.”
  4. Today I will wear something that makes me feel sexy and delicious.
  5. Today I will stand tall! I will hold my head high and show the world beautiful posture.
  6. Today I will go through my closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit.

Connecting with Others

  1. Today I will tell someone they look beautiful or handsome.
  2. Today I will enjoy a meal with someone I care about.
  3. Today I will hug somebody!
  4. Today I will spend the day smiling at people.

Do you have more HAES Inspirations to add?

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