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Today, October 20th, is Love Your Body Day.  All too often we focus on what we’d like to change about our bodies and rarely focus on the positive.  As we all know, negative self-talk, negative body image, and putting ourselves down rarely (if ever) is enough of a motivator to make long-term positive changes.  Reminding ourselves of what we like or love about ourselves may have a better outcome.

I took an informal poll at our women’s healthy weight loss retreat and asked staff (plus their friends & family members) to tell me what they love about their bodies.  Here are a few of our responses:

“I love my calves, they help me hike, snow board, fish and bike.”

” I love my feet; they’re cute.”

“I love that at 36 my body can run farther and faster than it could when I was 16.”

“I love my abs.”

“I love my boobs.”

“I love that my body houses my very intelligent brain.”

“I love that my body gets me where I need to go.”

“I love that my body is strong.”

“I love that my body allows me to experience laughter and joy.”

“I love my chest.”

“I love my neck, shoulders, lips and nose.”

What do you love about your body?

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